Blu ray player for mac mini 2011

Play Blu-ray on Mac mini. Using mac blu-ray player for Mac mini, you will have a fatastic Blu-ray enjoyment.
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If size isn't an issue, this is the one most worth considering. It's compatible with USB 3. Use with your Macs and Windows computers. Super slim, just 9mm, the disc drive includes a sandblasted surface with a metal texture that's scratch-proof. Ships with two Blu-ray media in case.

Mac Mini Blu-ray Player´╗┐ - Play Blu-ray on Mac Mini

It also includes M-Disc support for longer life recordings. Reading speeds for Blu-ray players tend to increase the larger the chassis. Despite this, there are still plenty of impressive thin readers to select for your Mac mini.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. If you plan on doing any gaming on your Mac mini, you're going to want some great gaming accessories to make sure you're getting the best experience. If you're a pro who tends to push their Mac Mini to the limit, you might be looking for a way to keep it cool under pressure. While there aren't any cooling pads specifically for the Mac Mini, we've compiled some good options for you. Though it's intended for desktop use, the Mac mini is portable, but you'll need a pretty powerful battery to keep it running.

I'm a dad who loves technology, especially anything new from Apple. Its size, weight, and awkward wall adapter also doesn't suit itself very well to portable use. That said, we did put the drive through its paces. It can read BD discs just fine, and the supplied blank BD-R disc worked perfectly in the Finder to burn a huge set of files.

Of course, we have little cause to rely on optical media much in these days of solid state storage and Dropbox. Still, busy photographers, videographers, audio engineers, and others who work with large data sets will be glad to have the ability to store up to 25GB on a single disc. MCE advertises the drive as the "world's fastest external Blu-ray drive for your Mac, and although we have little basis for comparison, the drive certainly didn't seem slow.

It should be noted the MCE offers an optional copy of Toast 11 if your burning needs exceed the basics. For our purposes, however, it was not included.

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MCE doesn't make the included Mac Blu-ray Player software itself; instead, each drive is supplied with a free one-year license code. We double-clicked the DMG file, dragged the app to our Applications folder, and fired up the software. Right away we were greeted with a box to enter the license code. If you don't have one, the software will still play Blu-ray discs or ripped ISOs, but it will show an "unlicensed" notice across the middle of your movie.

The interface is simple enough, with two large buttons to open a file or open a disc. The controls and UI widgets are well designed and look nice. We popped in a copy of Casino Royale into the drive, waited a few seconds for it to load, and clicked "Open Disc. Instead, you're greeted with a generic custom menu from which you can pick "Play," "Chapter," "Audio," or "Subtitle. After selecting "Play," however, things went from bad to worse.

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The audio played perfectly without fail. But the video stuttered, scrambled, and often froze on a single frame for minutes at a time. If the video froze, it wouldn't pick back up until it hit the next chapter marker. We couldn't determine exactly what the cause of the video playback problems was. Audio continued to play, so the data stream was coming in from the drive to the software.

We also tried a copy of Andy Samberg's stuntman farce Hot Rod, which likewise stuttered and froze. The MacBook Air's integrated graphics may have been part of the problem, but the video played just fine for short periods, and it didn't freeze in the same places in multiple attempts to watch the movie.

Macgo Blu-ray Media Player

Our only conclusion: Mac Blu-ray Player software is not up to the standards that most users would expect. Furthermore, Kempf noted that version 1. In light of this, the drive may suit your Blu-ray playback needs assuming your hardware can handle the software. Regardless, we don't feel conformable recommending the drive outside of desktop use, as we detail below.

The promise of playing Blu-ray movies just didn't materialize.

MCE Internal Blu-ray Recordable Drive for Mac mini (Early 2009 or later)

But the hardware is perfectly competent for reading and writing BD discs and, paired with ripping software, it could be used to back up Blu-ray movies to a hard drive or home media server. Its huge size and heavy weight, however, don't make it a very good portable solution. If you absolutely have to burn Blu-ray discs in the field, MCE's drive will certainly get the job done, but we wouldn't want to lug the thing around if we didn't have to.

The Blu-ray drive that comes with the Vaio Z, in comparison, is a dream.