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Oct 11, It's a fact of modern life: Macs can run slowly for seemingly no If your Mac is running slowly and it feels like a snail could launch a . MacBook Pro series of year have had several problems with bad internal HD cables.
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Check for drive directory or permissions issues Problems where a system fails to startup properly can spontaneously occur with any incremental Mac OS X update, and usually involve problems with an incompatible third-party add-on loading at startup or damage done to the drive directory or permissions during installation. The problems usually manifest in an inability to move past the startup progress bar or an indefinite stall before the Desktop appears.

In the case of drive directory damage or problems with permissions, the solution is usually to use Apple's Disk Utility to repair the disk. So two options exist:. Insert your Mac OS X Once the computer has booted from the installation disc, select "Utilities" from the menubar and open Disk Utility. Repair the disk, then quit Disk Utility and restart your system. Alternatively, you can repair the disk while booted in single user mode if you do not have access to a retail Mac OS X To startup in single user mode, hold down the "Command" and "S" keys simultaneously at startup.

Once properly booted, type the command fsck at the prompt. Repeat these process until no errors appear. Slow startup normal after installation of a Mac OS X upgrade Note that slow startup after applying a Mac OS X update except in the case of directory or permissions damage as aforementioned is normal and expected.

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In some cases, startup can take several minutes directly after applying an update. An AppleScript for eliminating startup snags The following AppleScript that deletes several files implicated in increased startup time.

How To: Fix A Slow Mac

The script has been successful for a number of users, and is as follows:. Cleared caches can slow startup Note that if you have recently cleaned your system caches, the subsequent startup can be unusually long as Mac OS X rebuilds information in these files.

1. Shut down your Mac

Make sure you have enough free hard drive space Having enough free space on your startup volume is imperative for speedy startup. Archive and Install As a last resort, you can try an Archive and Install process to eliminate continuing delays in startup. This process will eliminate a number of the aforementioned, potentially problematic files that can be causing the slowdown -- but it will also necessitate user replacement of some custom settings.

Late-breakers macfixit. Like what you've found in this tutorial?

11 tips to speed up your Mac | Computerworld

Whether it's a broken screen, swollen battery, or you dumped your entire bottle of Kombucha into your laptop, we got your back. Is your computer running slow? Battery not holding a charge?

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Computer getting too hot? We disagree. We fix these issues every single day and get them running like new Included on every computer, phone or tablet that we sell, our customer-first guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you're looking for. Some of the issues below are what I personally suffered, while some come from stories of other fellow Mac users. I hope you find them helpful. If you have decided to update to High Sierra but have yet to do so, here are a few things based on order of priority I highly recommend you check out in advance so you can avoid potential problems.

Check your Mac model — Not all Macs, especially old ones, are able to upgrade.

How to speed up a Mac in 11 tips

Apple has a clear list of which Mac models are supported. You can view the specifics here. The more free space you have, the better. How to clean? Apple also recommends us to do that for major macOS upgrades, just in case. Update to I found out the hard way. If your Mac is currently running an older Sierra version other than You can learn more details from Issue 3 below. The installation process alone will take about two hours to complete ideally.

10 Tips to Increase the Speed of a Slow Mac® System

Plus, it takes more time to clean and back up your Mac — and deal with those unexpected issues like the ones I encountered. All done? Now here are the list of issues and fixes you may reference in case problems show up. How to fix: Restart your Internet router, or move your Mac machine to a better location with a stronger signal. For me, it only took a few minutes for the download to complete before the installation window popped up. Here are two screenshots I took:. Possible cause: The startup disk on the Mac that High Sierra will be installed on lacks storage space.

The latest macOS requires at least How to fix: Free up storage as much as you can. Check the partition for large files, deleting or transferring them elsewhere especially photos and videos which tend to take much more space than other types of files. Also, unused applications could stack up. The quickest way is to use CleanMyMac to deep-clean your hard drive and Gemini to find and remove duplicates or similar files. How to fix: Take a few minutes to update your Mac to I canceled it, thinking my Internet had been disconnected, and re-tried. But I was disappointed to see my Mac hang up again with the same error: Stuck at one minute left.

So, I opened Mac App Store and saw that there was an update request as you see from the screenshot below, thankfully I still have it. In about ten minutes, Sierra I then proceeded to install High Sierra.

How to fix: Open Activity Monitor and find resource-hogging processes. Also, read this Mac overheating article I wrote earlier for other fixes. While I installed High Sierra, my mid MacBook Pro did run hot a little bit, but not to a point that it needed attention.

I found that once I quit a few commonly used apps like Google Chrome and Mail, the fan immediately stopped running loud. How to fix: Adjust the cursor to normal size. If yes, update to the newer version and re-launch the app. This article has more information on that.

First, run an antivirus to check if your machine has been infected with malicious software or Adware. Then, check if your web browser is up to date. Same with Chrome and Safari. Also, remove unnecessary third-party extensions. In general, the fewer extensions enabled, the smoother your browsing experience would be. One last tip: if you can, postpone your High Sierra update schedule. Because every major macOS release usually has issues and bugs, and High Sierra is no exception.

Apple responded fast on this by releasing While macOS High Sierra slowdown issues are less important than that bug, I imagine Apple will take care of them sooner or later. Hopefully, with a few more iterations, High Sierra will be error-free — and then you can update your Mac with confidence. Bit Defender? Bit Defender could not clean adware from my documents, photos, youtube downloads, music downloads, to the extent that certain files thanks to BitDefender got into iCloud and then into my MacBook Air, my iPad.

Thus the ping rates were as over ms until my reinstall, and then they were less than 10ms, and my downloads and uploads doubled. I am using Malware Bytes, and other than a somewhat slow mouse, I am operating in the clear. High Sierra is crap!! I deliberately waited for the My MBPro late with 16GB ram becomes unresponsive, incredibly hot and regularly requires rebooting. Screensaver stopped working and I have noticed Nothing of the promised increase in speed.

I wish I never updated in the first place!

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MacOs is getting worse with each annual update! Well, working a lot more with windows10 I can tell you that high sierra, with all the problems, is better. You install win10 and then you spend 1 week to make it better at privacy or try , and then, when you try to update — bam! Blue screens,drivers,a lot of malware, adds!!! Ron U are so correct. I shudder every time Apple asks to update! The people there are definitely nor doing the job well, maybe they should leave well enough alone? High Sierra.

Apple should work towards their users good experience and not against them. My late iMac is sooooo slow after installing When I click to open an app or do something once the app opens takes at least minutes not seconds for anything to happen. My iMac is totally not usable in normal mode. It looks like most if not all of the complaints above are on MBPs. How about late iMacs? I also vote for worst Mac Os upgrade ever. This looks like the way congress operates — hastily passing bills just so it looks like the accomplished something, only to find out later that that indeed they have made things worse.

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded from Yosemite to High Sierra